Featured Guests

Every Friday (or as many as I can), I feature the work of someone else–artists, writers, musicians, anyone with a gift to share.

Want to be a guest?

If you are interested in being featured, contact me through the Contact page with the work you want me to feature and the following information. If you can, please also put your name and the type of work you’re submitting on this page in the earliest available slot.

Name (or pen name):

Age (optional):

Where you’re from (optional):

Hobbies (optional):

Website (if you have one):

Important: I reserve the right to reject or accept any submission I choose. Any work featuring nudity (this is more for artwork), an excess of foul language (definition of excess determined by me), sexual or violent scenes that are too graphic (also determined by me), etc. WILL NOT be accepted. Period. I want my blog to be appropriate for readers of any age. I can reject submissions for other reasons not necessarily mentioned here. If I reject your submission, I will give you the reason why. If your submission is rejected, you can revise it to fix the issues and I will review it again.


Previous guests

Links to all previous featured guests posts are below.

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